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It's your life and your program.

You're the boss.

The Medicaid MFP and ABI Waiver are Person-Centered Programs.
A person should never be forced, tricked, or shamed into taking action

There are two Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waivers, known as ABI Waiver I and ABI Waiver II, which are provided by the Federal Government and administered by the Department of Social Services (DSS). These waivers provide a person-centered plan of care for an array of non-medical, home and community-based services to individuals with an acquired brain injury who currently receive or would otherwise require services in an institutional setting.

What is Person-Centered care?

•    Care that’s guided and informed by a person’s goals, preferences, and values.
•    The success of the services is measured by the person’s reported outcomes success.
•    Integrated and coordinated care across health systems, providers, and care settings.
•    A team works together to support managing chronic and complex challenges.
•    Relationships are built on trust and a commitment to the person’s long-term well-being.

What does person-centered care mean for a person?

Person-centered care allows a person to make informed decisions about their treatment and well-being. They have a team of primary care providers, specialists, and other health care providers who know them, listen to them, and are accountable for their care. Doctors and other healthcare professionals help person-centered care persons manage their health care by providing tools and services that align with their preferences and values so they can reach their health goals.

What does person-centered care mean for ABI Resources?

Person-centered care means doctors and other healthcare providers work collaboratively with a person and other healthcare providers to do what is best for the person’s health and well-being. It offers healthcare providers the necessary support, like access to a person’s health data to understand their comprehensive needs. By providing doctors and other healthcare providers with this big-picture information, ABI Resources is better equipped to develop care plans that include empathy, dignity, and respect for persons, their families, and other caregivers.


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