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Allied Community Resources Inc. (ACR) is involved with the ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Waiver Program in Connecticut, which is a Medicaid program that provides services and support to individuals with acquired brain injuries. As a fiscal intermediary, ACR provides financial management services for the ABI Waiver program, which may include processing payroll and managing program budgets. ACR does not provide financial management and payroll services for ABI Resources.

ACR also provides support to program participants by providing information on available resources, assisting with paperwork and documentation, and offering in-home training to individuals who are self-directing their own services.

In addition to supporting individuals participating in the ABI Waiver Program, ACR offers training and information for individuals participating in other types of programs and services. The training may include information on how to self-direct services, access resources, and other skills necessary for living independently.

Overall, ACR is committed to providing financial management services and support to individuals with acquired brain injuries in the ABI Waiver program, as well as offering training and support to individuals participating in other programs and services.

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