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To arrange rides for medical and therapeutic appointments call
Veyo Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


Call Main # 1-855-478-7350. Pick English or Spanish. Then option 1-4 is for the member. CCC staff should select option 5- for a facility for faster routing to an agent. Provide client Name, Detailed Address of client, DOB and EMS ID for PHI Verification.


Provide client date/time of appointment, pick up and drop off time, whether its reoccurring etc. At this time, it is crucial to give details on the client's functional/medical status to assist in determining the client’s ability to take a specific type of transit. Types include Wheelchair, medical, car and Public Transit (bus). Veyo reports that for a client to be determined eligible ONLY Public Transit, the client has to be deemed to have a bus stop within .75 miles of their home, and .75 from their appointment. (this means a client needs to be able to walk this distance safely).

In order to deem a client eligible for a more supportive transport method a Medically Appropriate Mode Form (MAM) needs to be completed and SIGNED by a licensed professional (MD, RN, LCSW).

MAM forms can take up to 15 days to be approved/denied by VEYO. If Denied, Veyo sends a letter in one business day to the client for a reason.

If approved, MAM is logged in the client's file and they use the medically necessary mode of transportation going forward. These forms expire and need to be completed again after 1 year. If within the 15-day approval, time frame the client needs medical transportation, the client can ask for 1 to 15 day “courtesy” (up to 2 times in a row) to get this transportation mode while MAM is pending.

Email urgent MAM forms with an explanation to Arrika Denbin- (requires manager approval)

If the client requires an escort/companion, a Companion Form must be completed by a licensed professional and approved by VEYO. For clients with appointments a distance away need the Closest Provider Form. This form is needed based on the following: 1) If they live in an urban area, the form is needed for appts beyond 10 miles 2) If they live in a rural area, the form is needed for appts beyond 20 miles.


Report Missed Pick Ups, Poor Customer Care, Long Hold Times, etc to which is their quality assurance department who will do an investigation. Include the date and time of the call as well as the agent- as the call is recorded and the investigator will pull this. Also asked to be included in the communication in the email as a representative for the client – 1) Include name of driver if known, or type of transmit 2) IDPs are Independent Driving Providers (like an uber) 3) 3POs are 3rd party operators- like ACE, Metro. Clients can ask in their record for a preferred provider if they prefer someone who has provided satisfactory services.

If an appointment is scheduled/confirmed and the driver is a no-show, the main number can be called and select the option for “Where’s my Ride”. Report the driver is a no-show and you want to file a complaint so this can be logged in the driver’s file.

If the ride is urgent, ask for a rescue trip to be pursued. An agent will seek a driver to arrive for pick up in less than an hour.

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