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It is our mission to support the needs of people struggling

and provide real solutions that promote happy and healthy life.

Helpline  860 942-0365

     ABI Resources’ Educational Support Program Services continues to guide the way for and with students, families, teachers and therapeutic professionals that may be struggling with behavioral health challenges. We help to identify, advocate and communicate the needs of the person, for the person, family and school. We work closely with the person, family, and teachers in addition to medical and therapeutic providers. The foundation of happy and successful childhood development is based on clear communication and the compassionate understanding of all involved

     We support students diagnosed with:


     We have many person-centered services that assist with;


  • Preparation for the school day.

  • Travel to and from school.

  • Travel to and from Doctor and Therapy appointments.

  • Implementation of EIP plans with-in the school and / or Home-based learning.

  • Communication strategies to help students express their feelings, concerns or confusions.

  • Data collection and communication for and with Families, Medical and Therapeutic Providers and the Educational System.

  • Teach social communication skills.

  • Independent living skills training functional academics, like budgeting.

  • Early Independence work field-based training.

  • Healthy home life communication skills and consistent routine activities of daily life.

  • We match students with assistants that they trust and like.

  • We work with all current Medical, Therapeutic and Educational providers.

  • We provide resources for locating specialized help.


     ABI Resources advocates for the services and supports that many people and schools need to provide school-based behavioral health services. We bring trained community behavioral health professionals into schools to provide care or to link families to resources in the community. We help to provide access to services and supports and help reduce the confusion and isolation experienced by youth that may be experiencing challenges and we support their families. We create and nurture a healthy communication system for and with the Student, Families, the Education System and Therapeutic providers.


     We help families, school faculty and staff to compassionately understand the early warning signs of behavioral health conditions and how to link students to services. We help to facilitate school-based mental health professionals to coordinate services and supports for and with the person, families, schools and the community mental health system so that the person can successfully complete and enjoy their educational process.


We'll make the right match.

Do you like HipHop or Country music? Technology or Photography? We'll make sure you share common interests because making the right match between you and your assistant is very important for a long-lasting connection.

ABI Resources educational support progra
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